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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

9. december 2014 af Ronnie Bisgaard Mortensen Skriv en kommentar

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes billede

Q & A med Gary Oldman og Keri Russell

De fleste havde vel spået Planet of the Apes franchisen død efter Tim Burtons mislykkede genindspilning i 2001. Derfor kom det også som en artig overraskelse, da Rupert Wyatts valgte at nyfortolke franchisen med Rise of the Planet of the Apes i 2011. Det affødte selvfølgelig en efterfølger, som Matt Reeves denne gang skulle stå for, og efterfølgeren ikke bare gentog succesen, men overgik den. Med en fantastisk animationsteknik og en fremragende spillende Andy Seris i hovedrollen som aben Ceasar, så står Dawn of the Planet of the Apes tilbage som en af de absolut bedste filmoplevelser i 2014, og vi har været så heldige på Cinemaonline.dk at have fået et generisk interview med to af de menneskelige skuespillere fra filmen, nemlig Gary Oldman ( Léon, Batman-trilogien ) og Keri Russell ( Felicity, Mission Impossible 3 ).

What does it mean to you featuring in a massive franchise like this?

Gary Oldman: When I first started all those years ago, in the old days, films took three months minimum. Now people want to make films in a much faster way and that process gets concertinaed. You’re making films in six weeks, or even 20 days. And that has a knock-on effect on what you’re doing. You look at something like Tinker, Tailor… and that’s two takes and you’re moving on. That affects your process and what you do. With bigger productions you get a little more time to do your work.

How does the director, Matt Reeves, help you with that?

GO: There are two types of director. There’s the one who can be panicked by the size of the production and the money it’s costing and is rushed along by the machine. And then there is someone like Matt Reeves who doesn’t get contaminated by the anxiety of what it is that he’s doing. He gives you the time and manages to block everything out and really focuses on the scene. That is what you’re seeing on screen, that it’s an acting piece, almost like an intimate drama in this big picture.

Keri, you have history with Matt, having worked together on Felicity…

Keri Russell: He has a great sensibility and he was the same 12 years ago. I think that what interests him in stories is always the same. When you read this script there are moments that just pop, these unspoken truths between people. I think he does that very well.

Have you noticed any changes in Matt as a director since you last worked together?

KR: He still works in the same way. He still says, ‘Yes,’ to the same kind of take. You know what he wants. He has a certain temperament that he responds to and that you see when making the movie. We’ve been doing these Q+As recently and just hearing him speak, you feel like he is really hitting his stride. He has always had that keen mind but now it feels as though he is really taking things on.

GO: He is making the next Planet of the Apes and they asked him to make it even before he’d finished this one. That’s how much faith they had in him, even just seeing the rough assembly he had done. He’s going to be like the new Chris Nolan. I think he will have that clout. He is going to stake his claim with this.

Were you surprised by the depth of the script for this movie — it’s not just action and explosions?

GO: It was surprising. And when you turn the last page it was, ‘Wow! I’ve just read something totally unexpected.’ I had no idea how Matt worked.

Having worked with Matt before, Keri, did you see this role coming?

KR: No. In fact, Matt spent the six years after we finished the TV series writing this beautiful, tiny little film that we’ve been trying to do together. We had been trying to do that so when he called about something as big as Planet of the Apes I was somewhat surprised! It is hard right now in this business to get to do what you want, so I’m very happy it’s happening for Matt. He is so talented and deserves this. He’s a nice guy and is his passion is immense.

How challenging was it, Keri, to shoot that scene with the baby chimp?

KR: There is no chimp. There is nothing. We are shooting in the forests, by the river, out in Vancouver and Matt is just screaming out, ‘Now the baby is pulling at your braid! Now the baby is climbing over your shoulder.’ That’s acting though – that’s what we do. Basically, you just go for it and hope that WETA fills it in, which they do! I am very pleased with that; I think it’s a sweet moment, but there was no baby chimp! I was quite sad.

Did you shoot much on the movie that didn’t make it into the final cut, but which might resurface as extras on the DVD or Blu-ray release?

GO: There were a few things. There will be a few things he’ll put on the DVD.

KR: There were definitely scenes that didn’t make it into the movie.

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